Wednesday, November 26, 2008


An email from retired Achorage Fire Department's Dan Tucker was sent on behalf of The O'Brien's Group (TOB), headquartered in Houston, Texas. They are in search of disaster managers for mobile overhead teams. They are a contract service that provides teams of emergency managers to respond to major emergencies, provide training and drills related to homeland security, and consulting services for vessel security and many other related services. Dan and I had co-taught firefighting in the past and he was a student in when I instructed some increments of shipboard firefighting for Hildebrand and Noll Associates (haz mat specialists from Port Republic, MD). I called Dan and he put me in touch with Kristina O'Connor who is managing the Alaska office for the O'Brien Group. She and I will be having lunch Dec 4th to talk about what TOB is looking for. I'll let you all know what I find out. I do know that one of the local TOB guys went to Russia last year to test their response capabilities to incidents on their oil pipeline. As an aside, retired fire chief Mike Dolph and I nearly got the contract to go to Russia's Sakalan Island to teach firefighting to crews of their off-shore oil rigs. We were underbid by a couple of Texans. Hmmm? I wonder if there's a connection there?