Monday, January 5, 2009

Talked with Bridgett Sullivan

I was at a party at Rod Masters house News Year Day. Tons of other musicians were there; some I knew, some I didn't. Some of them had spent time in the orchestra pit of the Anchorage Performing Arts Center (PAC) playing for Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar and such. Bridgett Sullivan was there (Rod sees her every day because she played Evita and is in the next production as well) and we talked about Henry Mancini's "Dreamsville". I have the CD where she sings Lionel Hampton's "Midnight Sun", and I suggested she listen to Sarah Vaughan's arrangement (which I can give her). After I got home, I thought about the song "Early Autumn" which is true poetry with a haunting melody. Even though I wanted mostly up-tempo pieces on my CD, I'd like to have those two ballads on there as well in addition to my original "Copious Moping".
Also, at the party was another guy with a recording studio who said he will try to work up the percussions I want for some of my tunes. Musician's union president Joe D'Entrone was there and it turns out he has a taste for the same kind of poetry I do. He didn't remember me or that I gigged with him once downtown at a store opening a couple of years ago.