Wednesday, October 14, 2015


February 2011, my son 36 year-old-son was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over four and a half years later, my son Jason’s “recovery” from MS looks like a cure, but who knows? We’ll see. A few days ago, when he visited with the neurologist who originally diagnosed the disease years ago, the doctor was noticeably surprised to see Jason looking so bright and energetic. He was expecting to see a patient wracked with the disease. He inquired. Jason, in a joking fashion told him “I was cured by my dad and my midwife.”  He explained that he sees a nurse practitioner who has a small clinic in Wasilla, Alaska and who also works in a midwifery. He mentioned that both I and his “midwife”—Paula—zeroed in on “Leaky Gut Syndrome” as the primary cause of the MS.  There’s been lots of theories about what causes MS which also includes low Vitamin D3 levels, genes and lots more. Paula’s brother has an auto-immune disease, which explains why she’s spent many hours every day reading about it (as I do).  So I’m going to explain Leaky Gut Syndrome not in Medical-ese, or proper English, but an American dialect called “saloon”.
Your gut has tiny pores in it where the recently digested nutrients go through and enter your system where they are transported around your body and feed all your parts and pieces. What is left over in your intestines is nasty and a bit toxic and is commonly referred to as “Poop”.  “Poop’—in Latin it’s known as “crap”.  Poop is designed to properly exit the tunnel taking the toxins with it.  But something has happened: Your gut starts getting potholes in it. There are volumes of articles theorizing why these potholes are showing up. Things that irritate your gut lining like the nasty leftovers from processing foods, or gluten, or stuff you eat that you have a sensitivity to.  Eventually, these potholes become holes in the lining and they get big enough that the undigested food particles and toxins fall through them and into the river where they are carried around your body and even up to your brain. You see, these food particles were supposed to be fully digested and become poop, but they fell through the potholes undigested.
Now, further inside your system lurks security guards stationed to intercept intruders. They work for a company called “Immune System”.  They are the Mall Cops of you system.  Normally they just hang around and glare at people. But if you inhale something like pollen, they will send mucus out to gather up the invaders and escort them out of your body through your nose. “Mucus”: in Latin is known as “snot”.  But look out! Here comes undigested food particles (proteins) and toxins floating by the mall cops. The mall cops don’t recognize these intruders and swing into action. This trigger-happy bunch starts shooting up the place, stray bullets strike parts of the brain, tearing holes in the myelin (the fatty material that insulates important parts of the brain). The holes (sometimes called lesions) make MS. After a never-ending onslaught of invasions by these undigested particles that keep falling through the gut leaks, the immune system mall cops get themselves completely worked up into frenzy. They will shoot anything that moves.  The more bullets that accidentally hit the brain myelin, the more crippling is the MS.
Conventional treatment which seems to help, consists of drugs that calm the immune system down a bit.  The mall cops are still there, but – let’s face it – they’re stoned.  That’s good because they’re not shootin’ up the place quite as much. But those drugs are expensive, the side effects of some of them are really bad. Something else that seems to be able to calm the mall cops down a bit is Vitamin D3. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.  I doesn’t hurt you and it’s cheap. Although I heard you should take calcium if you are taking D.
I almost forgot this part. There are two types of enzymes of interest here: Digestive enzymes, and systemic enzymes. Digestive enzymes help break down the food in your belly so less of it is undigested to fall through the potholes. Systemic enzymes like Serrapeptase cruises around your circulatory system, and like Pac Man, gobbles up the proteins that fell through and are floating around before the mall cops spot them and start shooting.
Anyway, one would suppose that if you didn’t have a leaky gut, the whole problem would go away.  Google “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and settle in for a winter of reading fun. 
I started reading the Dr. Terry Wahl book on beating progressive MS with the paleo diet. I read it cover-to-cover at least three times. With all the supplements and diet recommended by Dr. Terry Wahl and others, my son Jason was holding his own. That in itself was no small matter. But Paula, pursuing the Leaky Gut theory went a step farther. Jason’s previous test for allergens (the scratch test on the back) did not identify any significant sensitivities, so she did a blood draw and had that tested. Bingo! He had some sensitivities that on the surface didn’t appear alarming. Given numbers, he had no level-3 (troublesome) sensitivities; he had a couple level-2  sensitivities (moderate), and a couple of level-1 (very minor) sensitivities.  When he avoided those foods completely, the healing—aided by pre/probiotics and Bovine Colostrum—made headway.  As near as he can remember, it was around June (2015) when he had the blood test and fine-tuned his diet. He believes it was August when he noticed he was feeling normal again.  Before, ringing the bells and making any big announcements, he waited to see if this rejuvenation was going to hold.  Well, it is October 8th and he still feels absolutely normal. As an aside, he had been trying to qualify for the physical standards for State Public Safety which includes running one and a half miles in under 15 minutes. Because of his “foot-drop” he never made it.  However, about 2 weeks ago, he completed that run 43 seconds ahead of time.

In summary, here is what he did:
·         Stopped assaulting his gut. Identified (through a blood test) what foods were irritating his gut lining. 
·         Took Bovine Colostrum to start healing it.  About a month
·         Took prebiotics (the fertilizer) and probiotics (the flower seeds)to re-grow the good flora in his gut to more thoroughly digest his food. The pre and pro are combined in the same supplement. 
o   One could consider a digestive enzyme with one’s meals for a while
o   One could consider a systemic enzyme on an empty stomach for a while
I just want to add another treatment to heal leaky gut that I only read about. It’s just too funny not to mention it. You can search the web yourself and find that it has been performed in Europe several times and is very successful. It’s call “Fecal Matter Transplantation”. If you speak “saloon”, it‘s known as a sh*t enema. Take fecal matter from a healthy young donor, mix with water in a blender (borrow the blender from a neighbor), and give yourself an enema. The reason researchers knew it would work is because Hitler’s physician cured Hitler’s bad gut by mixing up a (you ready for this?) a poop cocktail and convinced the Furher to drink it.  The real reason I would not recommend this is because a guy I know who tried it told me that about 30 minutes afterward he had an irresistible urge to invade Poland. Anyway, the series of enemas was used to kill a gut fungus call Candida so the gut could eventually heal.  If you do it, don’t tell your friends.  (here’s 3 cases where remission was recorded for 15 years, 3 years, and 2 years. Thought you might find it interesting

Monday, October 5, 2015

Gun Control? Start in Hollywood.

Movies don't reflect the current culture, they create it. In 1962 I read a small book published the year before entitled "The White Negro". In it, author Norman Mailer wrote about the emergence of the
sympathetic anti-hero, the "hipster". What caused this glamorizing to spread so fast and reach almost total acceptance by the American population was Hollywood's Marlon Brando and James Dean. I would add that the brooding rebels were soon to be back-dropped by the gritty writings of Tennessee Williams and the big screen. That steady diet of existentialism influenced popular music, poetry, other writings and
the entire mindset of that emerging generation. The "simplistic" morality of John  Wayne and Gary Cooper became a thing of the past.

Compare movie posters of "Casablanca" for example with the majority of movie posters today. Today, the posterized hero has a square jaw, a macho scowl, and a huge gun. Guns, guns, guns on every poster ready to "even the score".  The number of bullets fired in any of the "action movies" is impossible to count. Yep, the coolest people on the planet are fearlessly ready to settle the score with "guns ablazing".  Guns, 
guns, guns. Talk about reaching the saturation point in the collective mind!  There was an old adage that said "whatever becomes thinkable, becomes doable with frightening speed". No, The entertainment industry doesn't reflect the culture, it creates it. Where else would it come from? When the movie hero starts splattering bad guys all over the place, I'm sure the viewers react emotionally the same as the Roman citizenry jubilantly did watching a lion rip the entrails out of a screaming Christian. Yet, these entertainment elitists consider me a lowlife because I own a gun. When some tragic event happens thousands of miles away, I'm supposed to give up something of mine? What are these actors going to give up? Nothing. They are going to continue feeding bloody meat to the collective beast.