Monday, October 5, 2015

Gun Control? Start in Hollywood.

Movies don't reflect the current culture, they create it. In 1962 I read a small book published the year before entitled "The White Negro". In it, author Norman Mailer wrote about the emergence of the
sympathetic anti-hero, the "hipster". What caused this glamorizing to spread so fast and reach almost total acceptance by the American population was Hollywood's Marlon Brando and James Dean. I would add that the brooding rebels were soon to be back-dropped by the gritty writings of Tennessee Williams and the big screen. That steady diet of existentialism influenced popular music, poetry, other writings and
the entire mindset of that emerging generation. The "simplistic" morality of John  Wayne and Gary Cooper became a thing of the past.

Compare movie posters of "Casablanca" for example with the majority of movie posters today. Today, the posterized hero has a square jaw, a macho scowl, and a huge gun. Guns, guns, guns on every poster ready to "even the score".  The number of bullets fired in any of the "action movies" is impossible to count. Yep, the coolest people on the planet are fearlessly ready to settle the score with "guns ablazing".  Guns, 
guns, guns. Talk about reaching the saturation point in the collective mind!  There was an old adage that said "whatever becomes thinkable, becomes doable with frightening speed". No, The entertainment industry doesn't reflect the culture, it creates it. Where else would it come from? When the movie hero starts splattering bad guys all over the place, I'm sure the viewers react emotionally the same as the Roman citizenry jubilantly did watching a lion rip the entrails out of a screaming Christian. Yet, these entertainment elitists consider me a lowlife because I own a gun. When some tragic event happens thousands of miles away, I'm supposed to give up something of mine? What are these actors going to give up? Nothing. They are going to continue feeding bloody meat to the collective beast.

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