Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Cordova

Just a couple of brief announcements: October 16th I will be back in Cordova teaching "Leadership" at the fire department there for their Officer's course. Put the beer on ice.... Also, as soon as the "Foreign Xchange" concert is over at the Atwood Concert Hall, Rod Masters and Frank Iarossi (they're playing there, too) and I will get back to work on my new CD. Now I'm starting to worry that it might not be done by Christmas. We'll try....Since the O'Brien's Response Group needed me to re-cert my hazwopper training for my contract with them, I found an online course (resonably priced) that you emergency responders out there might be interested in checking out. I doubt that it is the only one, but it met my needs. It's OSHA compliant and is at Safety Unlimited, Inc.
And if you folks are heading for the Alaska Firefighters and Fire Chiefs conference this year, I'll see you all there (the week of September 21st). Stay safe and keep your wits about you out there. Remember, two California firefighters were just killed.