Saturday, August 21, 2010

Youtube stuff

I've been playing around with youtube (a big adventure for me). I took the video of the capsizing of the fishing boat "Linda's Draw" in the stormy Gulf of Alaska and uploaded it. The crew on the tender ran the video as they accompanied Linda's Draw toward Prince William Sound. Linda's Draw had lost their main engine and were barely making enough headway on the auxiliary to provide steering. And you'll notice that their jitney was on their fantail and further raising their center of gravity was that their power block was hoist up on their boom (rather than lowered onto their deck. After the capsizing, on of the crew came up out of the water between that boat and the tender when they bumped together. He became my patient when I picked him up and his collapsed lung required a "chest cut" in the E.R.. I helped the doc with that disgusting procedure and in putting the drain tube in. It worked
I put the 5-minute video on youtube.

Here's another one: This made national TV news and became part of a TV documentary. An avalanche ripped through a Cordova (Alaska) neighborhood taking out several buildings (homes). One was the home of one of our firefighters, Jerry LeMaster. It killed his wife and buried him 30 feet down in the snow and rubble. After 6 hours we got to him. TV news was there and recorded it. This is also one of the stories in my book Fire and Ice. Here is the3-minute news story.

In case anyone is interested in what it's like fighting a fire inside a 100-year-old hotel, check out my crew in this 4-minute video. It's not very clear, however.