Friday, August 8, 2008

Poetry Gig

I'd been searching for poetry readings around Anchorage and couldn't find any, even after contacting Leo Josey aka "Black Verb", a local poetry slam coordinator. Then I found "Out North" on DeBarr road and went there last Wednesday (8/6/08). The "Poetry Parley" featured numerous readings of e.e. cummings' work. Jon Minton put it together. After about 45 minutes of cummings, Faye Sikora got up to finish off the evening. Faye is a prize-winning slam poet and is connected to the local production group "Speak Easy", a spoken arts outfit that--as it turns out--performs Sundays at the House of Rock (used to be Fly-By-Night Club) in Spendard. But here's whats cool, Out North will hoste the Poetry Parley once a month and also the Poetry Slams once a month. For more information email or for the slam info. Or you can go to this website:

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